Kubu Island

Kubu Island is a site that I have wanted to visit for many years, ever since I watched Andrew St Pierre White’s videos about his visits. Kubu Island is a granite island that rises out of the Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana. Kubu Island is covered with Boabab trees and is a complete contrast to the flat salt Makgadikgadi Pan surrounding it. The Makgadikgadi Pans are the largest salt pan complex in the world covering 16,000 square kilometres.

We stopped at Mmatshumo village on the way into Kubu Island to get our permit and pay our camping fees, totalling 480pula (about A$70). Its then a 50km drive along a variable road to Kubu Island. We camped at campsite No. 1 (since we were early). We retired during the heat of the afternoon (remember its winter in Botswana – 32C). Then around sunset we climbed up Kubu Island to watch the sunset from the top. You could see the shadow of the island stretching eastward over the pan.

Kubu Island is regarded as a monument, and sacred to the local people. There is archaeological evidence that people have been using the island for ceremonies for more than a thousand years.

It was a cool windy night, so we made use again of the diesel heater to heat the cabin.


Some of the better parts of the road to Kubu Island
There were areas of really fine bulldust. We would produce great clouds of bulldust covering the camper
Starting onto the Makgadikgadi Pan
Some Cacti that we last saw in Angola in the Namibe Desert

Driving around Kubu Island
In campsite 1 at Kubu Island
Sunset at the top of kubu Island
Looking over the pans to the north at sunset from the top of Kubu Island
Looking west over the Pans from Kubu Island at Sunset
The plaque at the entrance to Kubu Island



Leaving Kubu Island
Driving on the Makgadikgadi Pans near Kubu island
Crossing a Vet fence to stop cattle moving between areas


Moremi Game Reserve

Some pictures from our stay in Moremi Game Reserve Botswana 23rd-25th March 2019

Camped at a wild camp near South Gate of Moremi Game Reserve. We head a lions roar in the morning. We camped here before we headed into the park towards 3rd Bridge.
After entering South Gate of Moremi Game Reserve, we drove only a few kilometres to find a group of Elephants at a water hole.
Crossing 1st Bridge on the way to Third Bridge. We got lost along with several other people on the way to first bridge.
Seeing Giraffes on the way to Third Bridge campsite.
Our first night at Third Bridge in Moremi Game Reserve. This was the first night at A$140 per night camping at Third Bridge campsite.
Camped for the second night at Third Bridge campsite. We had to shift campsite because the campsite we stayed in the night before was booked out. The second night campsite was much nicer.
Zebras around Third Bridge
We drove though a group of Giraffes heading to South Gate of Moremi Game Reserve

Hippos at a water hole heading to South Gate Moremi
Camped again at the Wild campsite outside of South Gate Moremi. We never got tired of tropical sunsets.
Camped at the wild camp outside South Gate Moremi, we awoke surrounded by Zebras and Giraffes

Binga Bay to Benguela and Lobito

Pictures of traveling between Binga Bay and Lobito, March 11 and 12 2019

Truck off the road between Binga bay and Benguela
Crawling along the track heading to wards Benguela
Yes another unfinished bridge on the road to Benguela
The road blockages along the road to Benguela
Filling up the solar hot water tank. We constructed it from plumbing parts.
The Church on the outskirts of Benguela, which is the top tourist destination mentioned in the Angola guide.
cactus(?) flowers
Parked at the Shoprite Supermarket Benguela. The car park is nearly empty, yet outside the car park are lots and lots of people. Only the rich people shop at Shoprite, and the many security guards keep everyone else out.
People waiting for fresh Baguettes at Shoprite supermarket Benguela
The pretty clean beach at Benguela




Crossing into Nambia

We crossed out of South Africa and into Nambia. The border crossing took about an hour, with many offices visited to get the Carnet processed. After a puncture in a front tyre only 2km from our destination, we are now camped at “The White House” camping area about 20km north of Grunau, Namibia.

Crossing into Namibia, about to enter the Namibian border post. Greg is wearing his special Border Crossing shirt
The wide flat plains of Southern Namibia (click on the pic for a bigger version)
Camped at “The White House”, close to dark because we got held up by our flat tyre
Almost full moon