Farmhouse Matopos to Hillside Dams Bulawayo

When we got back from driving around Matopos Sunday, we found we couldn’t get back into the camper. It took a while but we figured that the deadlock had vibrated closed and the lock was no longer being operated by the key. We had to cut the deadlock to get in. I was feeling pretty sick, and very cold. I crawled into bed, and slept.

Next morning we headed off to Matopos Research Station where Karen was meeting some colleagues. I shifted some diesel from a drum in the roof box, into the tank. I then got inside and slept for another two hours. About 12 noon Karen came back and we headed into Bulawayo to meet a friend for lunch at the Art Gallery. After visiting someone else we headed for Hillside Dam Conservancy for a couple of nights camping.

We struggled with power at Hillside. We would get power then trip a relay, and lose it. Then we would have it for a while and load-shedding would start, and we would lose it again. We went in at lunch time to see a friend who operated 4 “tuck shops”. Tuck shops are little stalls that sell a variety of food and household goods.

The another visit, and we were back at Hillside for the evening.

Parked in central Bulawayo



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