Great Zimbabwe Ruins

After a night of power which was great, we woke to rain and cold. I decided we needed to get some more clothes washing power so I walked in the rain about 3km to the nearest village to get some. I got back with the washing powder, it was still raining. We decided that the forecast for the afternoon would be better, and we would head to Great Zimbabwe ruins about 2pm.

We walked the 700m to Great Zimbabwe ruins, and paid for a guide. Stephen had been a guide there since 1985, and was very knowlegable.  Stephen took us through the museum, with a torch, because there was no power. He did well considering the circumstances.  We then walked on to the great enclosure, which is quite something, and then we climbed the hill, into the clouds.

Camped in the rain amongst the permanent tents (empty) at the Great Zimbabwe Hotel
Hiding out from the rain in the camper, drying clothes with the heater on.
part of the wall of the great enclosure, 5 m high
One of the corridors between inner and outer walls of the Great Enclosure
The herringbone pattern at the top of the wall of the Great Enclosure
Stephen, our guide, heading up the climb to the Hill complex
Climbing up the hill
The entrance to the enclosure at the top of the hill
Climbing around the Hill in the mist
The pulpit, the highest point on the Hill complex

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