Continuous Quality Improvement

Sounds so much better than figuring stuff out as we go along, right? We’re still settling into camper life – adding bits, moving things, tweaking how we do things. It’s all going well, though. Clancy is comfortable to sleep in and fairly sound-proof. We’re in Windhoek tonight, the capital of Namibia, staying in the campground section of Arebbusch Travel Lodge. We’re close to the airport on one side and a main road on the other, but so far it’s not too noisy.

We’re learning stuff too – when we were changing the flat tyre a couple of days ago, I put the wheel nuts on the ground and the threads got all sandy, and needed to be washed thoroughly, otherwise  even just one grain of sand would have wrecked the thread. Greg already knew that. Now I do too.

Then yesterday we came very close to running out of fuel because we trusted our stupid GPS to tell us where the next servo was … but it had closed down. We must have been running on diesel fumes for the last couple of kms because when we filled up, we put 69.68 litres in the 70 litre fuel tank!  The lesson here is to only trust the GPS if our printed map also says there’s a servo.

Camped at Bastion Farms camping area. Very nice with an ensuite for every campsite
Making a new Andersson plug lead for the electrical system. Soldering on a new plug to fix a design problem in the electrical system
Crossing into the Tropics
Scanning and editing documents (and printing) for the Angolan e-visa
Stopped in Windhoek, outside the shopping centre because we don’t fit under the 2400mm height limits
We have all these devices attached to our wall in the camper
Camped in Windhoek at Arebbusch Travel Lodge



2 thoughts on “Continuous Quality Improvement”

  1. I commend you on your spirit and your capacity to be flexible life long learners.
    Pat and I are in the early stages of planning a trip to Australia. This time he wants to hunt in Naracoorte, trade and buy gems in Rubyvale, Queensland and fly to Perth.
    Me, I just want to see my friends. They have spread out though from Adelaide to Kingaroy and to The country side around Perth. What’s a girl to do?
    I know you will enjoy your adventure so I hope to hear stories upon your return safe, if not sound. I’ll throw a snowball for you.

    1. Thanks Gail, we were just talking about your family yesterday, remembering that it was about this time last year that you all travelled to Thailand and wondering if you had gone somewhere to get away from PNW winter for a while. Sounds like it’s been a cold one!
      Great news that you’re coming back to Australia, we’re looking forward to seeing you again.
      Meanwhile, sit back and do some armchair travelling with us!
      Love to you all, xxx

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