Crossing into Nambia

We crossed out of South Africa and into Nambia. The border crossing took about an hour, with many offices visited to get the Carnet processed. After a puncture in a front tyre only 2km from our destination, we are now camped at “The White House” camping area about 20km north of Grunau, Namibia.

Crossing into Namibia, about to enter the Namibian border post. Greg is wearing his special Border Crossing shirt
The wide flat plains of Southern Namibia (click on the pic for a bigger version)
Camped at “The White House”, close to dark because we got held up by our flat tyre
Almost full moon


2 thoughts on “Crossing into Nambia”

    1. Yes Mon, that’s for sure. I commented as we were driving along that this area has more claim to being called ‘nullarbor’ than our own Nullarbor Desert. The only trees are along dry creek and river beds. But when it does rain here, it doesn’t take much for the country to green up.

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