On the Beach – Binga Bay

We’ve just spent several days at Binga Bay, which is about 150kms south of Benguela. No internet, no one else there, secluded bay with a lovely beach. We swam, slept, I read 2 books and Greg probably read a couple more than that.

Now we’re on our way north to Baia Azul and Benguela. More later

Camped at Binga Bay
A great sunset every night
Camped at Binga Bay
Camped at Binga Bay
Judy made pan bread rolls every day

Timelaspe sunset at Binga Bay

2 thoughts on “On the Beach – Binga Bay”

    1. Oh yes indeed we are Simon. I’m sure the serenity (or just lack of people!) would have driven extroverts elsewhere to find some company!

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