Moremi Game Reserve

Some pictures from our stay in Moremi Game Reserve Botswana 23rd-25th March 2019

Camped at a wild camp near South Gate of Moremi Game Reserve. We head a lions roar in the morning. We camped here before we headed into the park towards 3rd Bridge.
After entering South Gate of Moremi Game Reserve, we drove only a few kilometres to find a group of Elephants at a water hole.
Crossing 1st Bridge on the way to Third Bridge. We got lost along with several other people on the way to first bridge.
Seeing Giraffes on the way to Third Bridge campsite.
Our first night at Third Bridge in Moremi Game Reserve. This was the first night at A$140 per night camping at Third Bridge campsite.
Camped for the second night at Third Bridge campsite. We had to shift campsite because the campsite we stayed in the night before was booked out. The second night campsite was much nicer.
Zebras around Third Bridge
We drove though a group of Giraffes heading to South Gate of Moremi Game Reserve

Hippos at a water hole heading to South Gate Moremi
Camped again at the Wild campsite outside of South Gate Moremi. We never got tired of tropical sunsets.
Camped at the wild camp outside South Gate Moremi, we awoke surrounded by Zebras and Giraffes

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