Chimbamo to Chimoio

It was back to the potholed N1. Slow progress up the road to Inchope, which is the intersection with the N6.

Never ending potholes, where sometimes vehicles swap sides
There were 3 small patching teams. By 2095 they will have patched the whole road!
There is a guy sitting on top holding the load steady…..
Charcoal for sale
When you enter a medium sized town the roads are swarming with people.
More potholes


After Inchope I turned left onto the N6 which was pretty well a perfect road. It was an easy drive into Chimoio where after some confusion I found the Airbnb of Fernandes. I drove the camper and set up in their front yard.

Carting water by bicycle
Another police stop

parked in the front yard
Clancy poking over the fence of Fernandes place


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